HiLo Chart in Flutter Cartesian Charts (SfCartesianChart)

6 Oct 20233 minutes to read

To create a Flutter hilo chart quickly, you can check this video.

HiLo Series illustrates the price movements in stock using the high and low values.

To render a HiLo chart, create an instance of HiloSeries, and add it to the series collection property of SfCartesianChart. The following properties can be used to customize the appearance:

  • color - changes the color of the series.
  • opacity - controls the transparency of the chart series.
  • borderWidth - changes the stroke width of the series.
  • borderColor - changes the stroke color of the series.
  • lowValueMapper - used to get the low values from the series.
  • highValueMapper - used to get the high values from the series.
    Widget build(BuildContext context) {
        return Scaffold(
            body: Center(
                child: Container(
                    child: SfCartesianChart(
                        primaryXAxis: DateTimeAxis(),
                        series: <CartesianSeries>[
                            // Renders Hilo chart
                            HiloSeries<ChartData, DateTime>(
                                dataSource: financialData,
                                xValueMapper: (ChartData data, _) => data.x,
                                lowValueMapper: (ChartData data, _) => data.low,
                                highValueMapper: (ChartData data, _) => data.high

hiLo chart

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