Chart title in Flutter Cartesian Charts (SfCartesianChart)

5 Oct 20235 minutes to read

You can define and customize the Chart title using title property of SfCartesianChart. The text property of ChartTitle is used to set the text for the title.

Following properties can be used to customize its appearance.

  • backgroundColor - used to change the background color.
  • borderColor - used to change the border color.
  • borderWidth - used to change the border width.
  • textStyle - used to change the text color, size, font family, fontStyle, and font weight.
  • color - used to change the color of the text.
  • fontFamily - used to change the font family for chart title.
  • fontStyle - used to change the font style for the chart title.
  • fontSize - used to change the font size for the chart title.

Text Alignment

You can align the title text content horizontally to the near, center or far of the chart using the alignment property of the title.

      Widget build(BuildContext context) {
        return Scaffold(
          body: Center(
            child: Container(
              child: SfCartesianChart(
                title: ChartTitle(
                  text: 'Half yearly sales analysis',
                  backgroundColor: Colors.lightGreen,
                  borderWidth: 2,
                  // Aligns the chart title to left
                  alignment: ChartAlignment.near,
                  textStyle: TextStyle(
                    fontFamily: 'Roboto',
                    fontStyle: FontStyle.italic,
                    fontSize: 14,
                // Initialize category axis
                primaryXAxis: CategoryAxis(),
                series: <CartesianSeries>[
                  // Initialize line series
                  LineSeries<ChartData, String>(
                    dataSource: [
                      // Bind data source
                      ChartData('Jan', 35),
                      ChartData('Feb', 28),
                      ChartData('Mar', 34),
                      ChartData('Apr', 32),
                      ChartData('May', 40)
                    xValueMapper: (ChartData data, _) =>   data.x,
                    yValueMapper: (ChartData data, _) => data.y

      class ChartData {
        ChartData(this.x, this.y);
        final String x;
        final double? y;

Chart title