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15 Jul 2020 / 4 minutes to read

Syncfusion Essential Studio for WPF is a comprehensive collection of over 90+ essential WPF controls like DataGrid, Chart, Diagram, and PDF Viewer for building powerful line-of-business Windows applications faster. Syncfusion WPF controls provides unparalleled performance, stunning built-in themes, touch-friendly UI, localization and seamless integration with Visual Studio.

How to best read this user guide

  • The best way to get started would be to read the “Getting Started” section of the documentation for the component that you would like to start using first. The “Getting Started” guide gives just enough information that you need to know before starting to write code. This is the only section that is recommended to be read end-to-end before starting to write code, since all other information can be referred when needed.
  • Now that you are familiar with the basics of using the component, the next step would be to start integrating the component into your application. A good starting point is to refer to the code examples in the online or offline sample browser that contains hundreds of code examples, as it is very likely that you may find a code example that resembles your intended usage scenario.
  • After integrated the component into application using one of the code examples as a starting point, it is likely that you may want additional information on specific features and API. The best option is to search the specific topic using the search box that is available at the top of the user guide.
  • Another valuable resource is the API reference that provides detailed information on the object hierarchy as well as the settings available on every object.

Controls List


The name of the Visual Studio Toolbox entry provided when the common control name and toolbox name differs.


DataGrid - SfDataGrid

TreeGrid - SfTreeGrid


Excel-like Grid - GridControl


Charts - SfChart

Diagram - SfDiagram

Map - SfMap

Surface Chart - SfSurfaceChart

Smith Chart - SfSmithChart

Gantt - GanttControl

Radial Gauge - SfCircularGauge

Digital Gauge - SfDigitalGauge

Linear Gauge - SfLinearGauge

Kanban Board - SfKanban

Barcode - SfBarcode

Bullet Graph - SfBulletGraph

Sunburst Chart - SfSunburstChart

Sparkline - SfLineSparkline

HeatMap - SfHeatMap

Range Selector - SfDateTimeRangeNavigator

TreeMap - SfTreeMap


Docking - DockingManager

Carousel Card View

Tabbed MDI Form - DocumentContainer

Chromeless Window Tab Splitter

GridSplitter - SfGridSplitter

Tile View - TileViewControl


PDF Viewer - PdfViewerControl

ImageEditor - SfImageEditor

Spreadsheet - SfSpreadsheet

RichTextBox - SfRichTextBoxAdv

Syntax Editor - EditControl


Excel - XlsIO


Word - DocIO

PowerPoint - Presentation


TabControl - TabControlExt


TreeView - SfTreeView

BreadCrumb - HierarchicalNavigator

Accordion - SfAccordion

Navigation Pane - GroupBar

Navigation Drawer - SfNavigationDrawer

Menu - MenuAdv


Tab Navigation - TabNavigationControl

Radial Menu - SfRadialMenu

Toolbar - ToolBarAdv

Tree Navigator - SfTreeNavigator

Wizard - WizardControl


MaskedTextBox - SfMaskedEdit

Color Picker

Color Palette - SfColorPalette

Color Picker Palette Currency TextBox Integer TextBox
Double TextBox Percent TextBox

Domain Updown - SfDomainUpDown

NumericUpdown - UpDown

Radial Slider - SfRadialSlider

Range Slider - SfRangeSlider

Rating - SfRating

Calculator - SfCalculator


Busy Indicator - SfBusyIndicator

Tile Control

Notify Icon
Linear ProgressBar Circular ProgressBar

CheckedListBox - CheckListBox

ComboBox - ComboBoxAdv

AutoComplete - SfTextBoxExt

Multi Column Dropdown - SfMultiColumnDropDownControl


Dropdown Button - DropDownButtonAdv

Split Button - SplitButtonAdv

Button - ButtonAdv


DatePicker - SfDatePicker

DateTimePicker - DateTimeEdit

Calendar - CalendarEdit

TimeSpan Editor - TimeSpanEdit

TimePicker - SfTimePicker

Scheduler - SfScheduler

Report Designer Report Writer Report Viewer

Pivot Grid - PivotGridControl

OLAP Chart OLAP Client
OLAP Gauge OLAP Grid
Predictive Analytics

SpellChecker - SfSpellChecker

Calculation Engine - Calculate
AutoComplete classic Chart classic Diagram classic
GridDataControl classic GridTreeControl classic Spreadsheet classic
RichTextBoxAdv classic TreeViewAdv classic


Using Classic labeled controls in new projects is not recommended. In Classic labeled controls, new features and enhancements will not be included. You can only use it if the current control features meets the requirements of your application.


Refer licensing documentation to learn about registering Syncfusion license key in your WPF application to use Syncfusion controls without license message dialog at runtime.

Additional help resources

The Knowledge Base section contains responses to some of the most common questions that other customers have asked in the past, so this would be a good place to search for topics that are not covered in the user guide.

Similar to the Knowledge Base, the Forum section also contains responses to questions that other customers have asked in the past.

Support and feedback

If you are unable to find the information that you are looking for in the self-help resources mentioned above then you contact us by creating a support ticket.

Don’t see what you need? Please request it in our feedback portal.