Getting Started with WPF Navigation Pane (GroupBar)

20 Jun 20238 minutes to read

Assembly deployment

Refer to the control dependencies section to get the list of assemblies or NuGet package that needs to be added as a reference to use the control in any application.

You can find more details about installing the NuGet package in a WPF application in the following link:

How to install nuget packages

Create a simple application with GroupBar

You can create a WPF application with GroupBar control using the following steps:

Create a project

Create a new WPF project in Visual Studio to display the GroupBar with functionalities.

Add control through designer

The GroupBar control can be added to an application by dragging it from the toolbox to a designer view. The following assembly references will be added automatically.

  • Syncfusion.Tools.WPF
  • Syncfusion.Shared.WPF

wpf group bar button control added by designer

Add control manually in XAML

To add the control manually in XAML, follow the given steps:

  1. Add the following required assembly references to the project:
    • Syncfusion.Tools.WPF
    • Syncfusion.Shared.WPF
  2. Import Syncfusion WPF schema in the XAML page.
  3. Declare the GroupBar control in the XAML page.
<Window xmlns=""
		Title="GroupBar Sample" Height="350" Width="525">
		<!--Adding GroupBar Control -->
		<syncfusion:GroupBar Name="groupBar"/>

Add control manually in C#

To add the control manually in C#, follow the given steps:

  1. Add the following required assembly references to the project:
    • Syncfusion.Tools.WPF
    • Syncfusion.Shared.WPF
  2. Import the GroupBar namespace using Syncfusion.Windows.Tools.Controls;.
  3. Create a GroupBar instance, and add it to the window.
using Syncfusion.Windows.Tools.Controls;
namespace GroupBarSample
	/// <summary>
	/// Interaction logic for MainWindow.xaml
	/// </summary>
	public partial class MainWindow : Window
		public MainWindow()
			//Creating an instance of GroupBar control
			GroupBar groupBar = new GroupBar();
			//Adding GroupBar as window content
			this.Content = groupBar;

Add items using GroupBarItem

You can add the group bar items inside the GroupBar control using GroupBarItem.

<!-- Adding GroupBar -->
<syncfusion:GroupBar Height="200" Width="230" Name="groupBar">
	<!-- Adding GroupBarItem -->
	<syncfusion:GroupBarItem Name="groupBarItem" Header="Mailbox"/>
	<syncfusion:GroupBarItem Name="groupBarItem1" Header="Favorite Folders"/>
	<syncfusion:GroupBarItem Name="groupBarItem2" Header="Contacts"/>
	<syncfusion:GroupBarItem Name="groupBarItem3" Header="Task"/>
	<syncfusion:GroupBarItem Name="groupBarItem4" Header="Notes"/>
GroupBar groupBar = new GroupBar();

//Instance for GroupBarItem
GroupBarItem groupBarItem1 = new GroupBarItem();
GroupBarItem groupBarItem2 = new GroupBarItem();
GroupBarItem groupBarItem3 = new GroupBarItem();
GroupBarItem groupBarItem4 = new GroupBarItem();
GroupBarItem groupBarItem5 = new GroupBarItem();

//Setting text for GroupBarItem
groupBarItem1.HeaderText = "Mailbox";
groupBarItem2.HeaderText = "Favorite Folders";
groupBarItem3.HeaderText = "Contacts";
groupBarItem4.HeaderText = "Task";
groupBarItem5.HeaderText = "Notes";

//Adding group bar items into group bar

this.Content = groupBar;

wpf group bar item added by groupbaritem

Bind data

Items in a GroupBar can also be added by binding a collection of business objects using the ItemsSource property.

  • Model.cs
public class Model
	public string Header
	public string Content
	public bool IsSelected
  • ViewModel.cs
public class ViewModel
	private ObservableCollection<Model> groupBarData;
	public ObservableCollection<Model> GroupData
		get { return groupBarData; }
			groupBarData = value;
	public ViewModel()
		GroupData = new ObservableCollection<Model>();
	private void populateGroupBar()
		GroupData.Add(new Model() { Header = "Mailbox", Content = "GroupBarItem1", IsSelected = true });
		GroupData.Add(new Model() { Header = "Favorite Folder", Content = "GroupBarItem2", IsSelected = false });
		GroupData.Add(new Model() { Header = "Contacts", Content = "GroupBarItem3", IsSelected = false });
		GroupData.Add(new Model() { Header = "Task", Content = "GroupBarItem4", IsSelected = false });
		GroupData.Add(new Model() { Header = "Notes", Content = "GroupBarItem5", IsSelected = false });
  • MainWindow.Xaml
<syncfusion:GroupBar Name="groupBar" ItemsSource="{Binding GroupData}" VisualMode="StackMode">
		<Style TargetType="{x:Type syncfusion:GroupBarItem}">
			<Setter Property="HeaderText" Value="{Binding Header}"/>
			<Setter Property="Content" Value="{Binding Content}"/>
			<Setter Property="IsSelected" Value="{Binding IsSelected}" />

wpf group bar control data binding

Add content to GroupBar Item

You can add content to a GroupBar Item using a panel or a GroupView control.

<!-- Adding GroupBar -->
<syncfusion:GroupBar Height="200" Width="230" Name="groupBar" VisualMode="MultipleExpansion" >
	<!-- Adding GroupBarItem -->
	<syncfusion:GroupBarItem Name="groupBarItem" Header="Mailbox">
		<!-- Adding GroupView to GroupBarItem -->
		<syncfusion:GroupView Name="groupView">
			<!-- Adding GroupViewItem to GroupView -->
			<syncfusion:GroupViewItem Name="groupViewItem" ImageSource="Images\inbox.png" Text="Inbox"/>
			<syncfusion:GroupViewItem Name="groupViewItem1" ImageSource="Images\sent.png" Text="Sent Items"/>
			<syncfusion:GroupViewItem Name="groupViewItem2" ImageSource="Images\Notes.png" Text="Notes"/>
			<syncfusion:GroupViewItem Name="groupViewItem3" ImageSource="Images\trash.png" Text="Deleted Items"/>
//Create instances
GroupBar groupBar = new GroupBar();
GroupBarItem groupBarItem = new GroupBarItem();
GroupView groupView = new GroupView();
GroupViewItem item1 = new GroupViewItem();
GroupViewItem item2 = new GroupViewItem();
GroupViewItem item3 = new GroupViewItem();
GroupViewItem item4 = new GroupViewItem();

//Set header for groupbar item
groupBarItem.Header = "Mailbox";
item1.Text = "Inbox";
item2.Text = "Sent Items";
item3.Text = "Notes";
item4.Text = "Deleted Items";


groupBarItem.Content = groupView;
this.Content = groupBar;

wpf group bar content

Expand one or more items

You can expand and collapse any number of groupbar items by setting the VisualMode to MultipleExpansion.

<!--Expanding more groupbar items -->
<syncfusion:GroupBar Height="200" Width="230" Name="groupBar" VisualMode="MultipleExpansion"/>
//Expanding more groupbar items
groupBar.VisualMode = Syncfusion.Windows.Tools.VisualMode.MultipleExpansion;

wpf group bar items expanded


GroupBar supports various built-in themes. Refer to the below links to apply themes for the GroupBar,

Setting theme to WPF GroupBar