Localization in WPF Navigation Pane (GroupBar)

6 May 20211 minute to read

Localization involves the customization of the application for a specific language. It translates string values according to the specific culture. In the following table, the language is English and French

Property Description
Options Sets the string for the Options property Menu Item In GroupBar.
Options(en-US) Options de(fr-FR)
GroupbarMItemCut, GroupbarMItemCopy, GroupbarMItemPaste, GroupbarMItemListView, GroupbarMItemSortAsc, GroupbarMItemSortDsc, GroupbarMItemAddTab, GroupbarMItemDeleteTab, GroupbarMItemRenameTab, GroupbarMItemAddItem, GroupbarMItemRenameItem, GroupbarMItemDeleteItem, GroupbarMItemMoveUp, GroupbarMItemMoveDown Sets the string for the context menu item in GroupBar.



ContextMenu(en-US) ContextMenu(en-US)

Show fewer buttons, Show more buttonsButtons Sets the string for the Dropdown Menu Item in GroupBar.



Dropdown Menu Item(en-US) Dropdown Menu Item(fr-FR)