Adding GroupBar Item to GroupBar in WPF Navigation Pane (GroupBar)

6 May 20211 minute to read

GroupBar Item is added to the GroupBar using XAML or C# code. The following code illustrates this.

<!-- Adding GroupBar -->
<syncfusion:GroupBar Height="200" Width="230" Name="groupBar"> 
 <!-- Adding GroupBarItem -->  
 <syncfusion:GroupBarItem Name="groupBarItem" Header="GroupBarItem"/>
//Creating an instance of GroupBar
GroupBar groupBar = new GroupBar();
//Creating an instance of GroupBar
ItemGroupBarItem groupBarItem = new GroupBarItem();
//Setting header for GroupBar itemgroup
BarItem.Header = "GroupBarItem";
//Adding GroupBar item to GroupBar
//Adding GroupBar to the window
this.Content = groupBar;



To display the GroupBar Item, you must have a GroupBar in which you are going to add the GroupBar Item.