Getting Started with WPF Wizard Control

This section guides you on getting started with Wizard control. It covers the following topics:

Why to use our Wizard control

Here are some highlights of our Wizard control.

  • Wizard controls contains the Wizard Page, which is used to add wizard pages
  • Each wizard page has the Next, Close, Back, Help and Finish buttons for navigating through the wizard pages
  • Provides support to customize the appearance

Creating Wizard Control

Wizard control is created programmatically by using either XAML or C# code. The following lines of code can be used to create the Wizard control.

<syncfusion:WizardControl Name="wizardControl"/>
// "grid" is the name of grid panel

WizardControl wizardControl = new WizardControl();            



For creating Wizard control using C# code, you must already have a panel in which you are going to add the control. Otherwise, the control cannot be displayed.