Getting Started with WPF Radial Menu (SfRadialMenu)

16 Jun 20231 minute to read

Namespace : Syncfusion.Windows.Controls.Navigation

Assembly : Syncfusion.SfRadialMenu.WPF (in Syncfusion.SfRadialMenu.WPF.dll)

The following code sample shows how to create the RadialMenu from code-behind and XAML.

<Page xmlns:navigation="clr-namespace:Syncfusion.Windows.Controls.Navigation;assembly=Syncfusion.SfRadialMenu.Wpf"> 



<navigation:SfRadialMenuItem Header="Bold"/>

<navigation:SfRadialMenuItem Header="Cut"/> 

<navigation:SfRadialMenuItem Header="Copy"/> 

<navigation:SfRadialMenuItem Header="Paste"/> 



SfRadialMenu radialMenu = new SfRadialMenu(); 

SfRadialMenuItem bold = new SfRadialMenuItem() { Header = "Bold" };               SfRadialMenuItem cut = new SfRadialMenuItem() { Header = "Cut" }; 

SfRadialMenuItem copy = new SfRadialMenuItem() { Header = "Copy" }; 

SfRadialMenuItem paste = new SfRadialMenuItem() { Header = "Paste" }; radialMenu.Items.Add(bold);





Radial Menu supports various built-in themes. Refer to the below links to apply themes for the Radial Menu,

Setting theme in WPF Radial Menu