Symbol filtering of Stencil in WPF Diagram (SfDiagram)

6 Aug 20219 minutes to read

The grouped symbols can be filtered or hidden using the SymbolFilters. The SymbolFilters are a collection of SymbolFilterProvider, which contains the SymbolFilter delegate property to filter the specific symbol group.

The Content and ContentTemplate property of the SymbolFilterProvider is used to update the content of the symbol filter.

The following code explains how to create a symbol filter in the stencil.

<DataTemplate x:Key="TitleTemplate">
   <TextBlock x:Name="HeaderText" Text="{Binding}" FontSize="15" FontWeight="SemiBold"  Foreground="#2b579a" >
<!--Style for Node-->
<Style TargetType="{x:Type syncfusion:Node}">
    <Setter Property="ShapeStyle">
       <Style  TargetType="Path">
         <Setter Property="Fill" Value="#FF5B9BD5"/>
         <Setter Property="Stroke" Value="#FFEDF1F6"/>
         <Setter Property="StrokeThickness" Value="1"/>
         <Setter Property="Stretch" Value="Fill"/>
<!--Style for Connector-->
<Style TargetType="{x:Type syncfusion:Connector}">
   <Setter Property="ConnectorGeometryStyle">
      <Style TargetType="Path">
        <Setter Property="Stroke" Value="#FF5B9BD5"></Setter>
        <Setter Property="StrokeThickness" Value="1"></Setter>
   <Setter Property="TargetDecoratorStyle">
      <Style TargetType="Path">
        <Setter Property="Fill" Value="#FF5B9BD5"></Setter>
        <Setter Property="StrokeThickness" Value="1"></Setter>
<!--Style for Symbol-->
<Style TargetType="stencil:Symbol">
  <Setter Property="Width" Value="100" />
  <Setter Property="Height" Value="100" />
  <Setter Property="BorderThickness" Value="1" />
  <Setter Property="Background" Value="Transparent" />
  <Setter Property="BorderBrush" Value="Transparent" />
  <Setter Property="Margin" Value="4"></Setter>
<!--Style for Symbol Group-->
<Style TargetType="stencil:SymbolGroup">
  <Setter Property="FontFamily" Value="Regular"/>
  <Setter Property="Background" Value="#ffffff"/>
  <Setter Property="Foreground" Value="#222222"/>
  <Setter Property="FontSize" Value="14"/>
  <Setter Property="HeaderTemplate">
            <ControlTemplate TargetType="stencil:Header">
                <Border x:Name="header" Background="#f5f5f5" BorderBrush="#dfdfdf" BorderThickness="1">
                  <ContentPresenter Margin="10" Content="{Binding}"/>
    <ColumnDefinition Width="2*"/>
    <ColumnDefinition Width="8*"/>
  <!--Define the Stencil-->
   <stencil:Stencil Grid.Column="0" BorderThickness="1" BorderBrush="#dfdfdf" Title="Shapes" TitleTemplate="{StaticResource TitleTemplate}"  x:Name="stencil" ExpandMode="All" SymbolFilters="{Binding Symbolfilters}" SelectedFilter="{Binding Selectedfilter}">
     <!--Initialize the SymbolSource-->
      <!--Initialize the SymbolCollection-->
       <!--Define the DiagramElement-Node-->
        <syncfusion:NodeViewModel x:Name="node" UnitHeight="100" UnitWidth="100" OffsetX="100" OffsetY="100" Shape="{StaticResource Rectangle}" Key="Nodes">
       <!--Define the DiagramElement- Connector-->
         <syncfusion:ConnectorViewModel SourcePoint="100,100" TargetPoint="200,200" Key="Connector">
       <!--Initialize the SymbolGroup-->
         <!--Map Symbols Using MappingName-->
         <stencil:SymbolGroupProvider MappingName="Key"></stencil:SymbolGroupProvider>
public class StencilVM : INotifyPropertyChanged
   public StencilVM()
     Symbolfilters = new SymbolFilters();
     SymbolFilterProvider all = new SymbolFilterProvider { Content = "All",  SymbolFilter = Filter };
     SymbolFilterProvider Node = new SymbolFilterProvider { Content = "Nodes", SymbolFilter = Filter };
     SymbolFilterProvider Con = new SymbolFilterProvider { Content = "Connector", SymbolFilter = Filter };

      this.Selectedfilter = Symbolfilters[0];

   // Define the filtering of symbols.
   private bool Filter(SymbolFilterProvider sender, object symbol)
      if (symbol is NodeViewModel)
         if (sender.Content.ToString() == (symbol as NodeViewModel).Key.ToString())
             return true;

       if (symbol is ConnectorViewModel)
        if (sender.Content.ToString() == (symbol as ConnectorViewModel).Key.ToString())
               return true;
        if (sender.Content.ToString() == "All")
          return true;
        return false;
   public ObservableCollection<SymbolFilterProvider> Symbolfilters { get; set; } 

   public SymbolFilterProvider Selectedfilter { get; set; }

   public event PropertyChangedEventHandler PropertyChanged;

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Appearance of symbol filters

The visual appearance of the symbol filters can be customized to either a combo box or list view. The SymbolFilterDisplayMode property of the Stencil is used to customize the appearance of the symbol filter.

SymbolFilterDisplayMode Description
ComboBox The symbol filter is visually represented in a combo box
List The symbol filter is visually represented in a list view

In List display mode, the filters will be added in the list view only when you set the IsChecked property of the SymbolFilterProvider to true. By clicking the more shapes option, you can dynamically add or remove the filter from the list view and checked or unchecked the filter to add or remove it from the list view. Check marks indicate the filters added to the list.


There can be multiple SymbolFilters but only one filter can be selected at a time. You can select the filter from the collection of filters using the SelectedFilter of the stencil. In the combo box, a particular item will be selected and updated that item to the SelectedFilter. In List view, the selected item will be updated as a SelectedFilter.


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