Localization in WPF Diagram (SfDiagram)

2 Jun 20212 minutes to read

Localization is the process of configuring the application to a specific language. SfDiagram provides support to localize all the static text used for annotation and context menu contents.


You can refer Localization to add resource file in the application.

Localize the Annotations using ResourceManager

SfDiagram has support to localize the Annotations of Nodes/Connector.The following code illustrates how to provide localization support for Annotation.

<!--Style for Node-->
<Style TargetType="Path" x:Key="Nodestyle">
    <Setter Property="Stretch" Value="Fill"/>
    <Setter Property="Fill" Value="#FF5B9BD5"/>
public MainWindow()
    System.Resources.ResourceManager manager;
    //Get CultureInfo 
    System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("fr");//French

    //Initialize Assembly
    Assembly assembly = Application.Current.GetType().Assembly;
    manager = new System.Resources.ResourceManager("Localization.Resources.Syncfusion.SfDiagram.WPF", assembly);

    //Creating Diagram
    SfDiagram diagram = new SfDiagram();

    //Adding diagram to the main grid of the mainwindow.
    diagram.Nodes =new ObservableCollection<NodeViewModel>();

    NodeViewModel node = new NodeViewModel();
    node.UnitWidth = 150;
    node.UnitHeight = 60;
    node.OffsetX = 345;
    node.OffsetY = 140;
    node.Annotations = new ObservableCollection<IAnnotation>()
        new AnnotationEditorViewModel()
            //localizing annotation using ResourceManager
            Content = manager.GetString("NewIdea"),
    node.Shape = new EllipseGeometry() { RadiusX = 100, RadiusY = 100 };
    node.ShapeStyle = this.Resources["Nodestyle"] as Style;
    (diagram.Nodes as ObservableCollection<NodeViewModel>).Add(node);


Localized node


You have to define the textual descriptions of the context menu items for your custom cultures.

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