Command Manager in WPF Diagram (SfDiagram)

27 Feb 20247 minutes to read

The CommandManager is used to map the user gestures (keyboard, mouse) with SfDiagram commands and helps to include new gesture commands in SfDiagram. Refer to the following table for built-in commands with Key gesture and Mouse gesture.

List of Commands and Key Gesture:

Command Key Key Modifiers
Copy C Control
Cut X Control
Paste V Control
Duplicate D Control
Undo Z Control
Redo Y Control
MoveLeft Left  
MoveRight Right  
MoveUp Up  
MoveDown Down  
Delete Delete  
SelectAll A Control
Group G Control
UnGroup U Control+Shift
SendToBack [ Control+Shift
SendBackward [ Control
BringToFront ] Control+Shift
BringForward ] Control

List of Commands and Key Gestures with Parameter

Command Key KeyModifier Parameter
Zoom - Control new ZoomPositionParameter { ZoomCommand=ZoomCommand.ZoomOut}
Zoom + Control new ZoomPositionParameter { ZoomCommand = ZoomCommand.ZoomIn }
Reset 0 Control new ResetParameter { Reset = Diagram.Reset.ZoomPan }
FitToPage 0 Control+ Menu new FitToPageParameter { FitToPage = Diagram.FitToPage.FitToPage, Margin = new Thickness(20) }

List of Commands and Mouse Gesture with Parameter

Command Scroll State Parameter
Vertical Scroll using ‘Zoom’ command Scroll new ZoomPointerParameter { ZoomCommand = ZoomCommand.VerticalScroll}

List of Commands and Key and Mouse Gesture with Parameter

Command KeyModifier Scroll State Parameter
Horizontal Scroll using ‘Zoom’ command Shift Scroll new ZoomPointerParameter { ZoomCommand = ZoomCommand.HorizontalScroll}
Zoom Control Scroll new ZoomPointerParameter { ZoomCommand = ZoomCommand.ZoomIn | ZoomCommand.ZoomOut}


When different commands are registered for the same key / mouse gestures, you need to handle the command while execution.

Custom command

CommandManager provides support to define custom commands. The custom commands are executed when the specified key gesture is recognized.
The GestureCommand and Gesture help you to define a custom command.

The following code example represents how to define custom command to Save Command (Control + S).

// To define the mouse and keyboard gesture for the commands
            GestureCommand saveGesture = new GestureCommand()
                // Define the command with custom command
                Command = Save,
                // Define gesture for custom Command
                Gesture = new Gesture
                    KeyModifiers = ModifierKeys.Control,
                    KeyState = KeyStates.Down,
                    Key = Key.S
                // Parameter for command - file name for save command
                Parameter = "diagram"

            // Add the custom command to the existing command collection.

View sample in GitHub

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