Windows Forms Grid Control Overview

28 Apr 20211 minute to read

The GridControl is a cell-oriented grid that contains own data and does not need to be bound to the data source. It can be easily customized down to the cell level. It can be used in a virtual manner where the data is provided on-demand in real time, or it can be used in a way that the Grid control maintains the data with its own internal structures. The grid control supports frozen rows and columns, Excel-like formulas, covered cells, various cell-control types, copy and paste, both row selections and cell-range selections, hidden rows and columns, and virtually an unlimited number of rows and columns.

Key features

  • Data populating: Supports populating data from any kind of the data source.
  • Virtual mode: Supports loading the data on-demand with high performance in grid.
  • Styling: Extensively supports customizing the cell styles of grid.
  • Clipboard support: Essential Grid provides excellent clipboard support that allows users to copy and paste the grid cell content to text or any format.
  • Selection: Supports selecting a particular range of cell, rows, columns, and table of the grid.
  • Editing: Interactively supports editing with different column types.
  • Validation: Supports validating the cell while editing.
  • Covered cells: Supports covering multiple cells.
  • Merge cells: Supports merging adjacent cells with same values.
  • Formula support: Essential Grid allows entering the algebraic expressions using formulas and cell references.
  • Exporting: Supports exporting the data from grid to Excel, PDF, Word, CSV, and HTML.
  • Drag and drop: Essential Grid lets you drag any column and drop it at any position in the grid. This allows columns to be repositioned as required.
  • Touch support: Completely supports resizing, dragging and dropping a column, etc. in touch devices.