How to provide input data of DateTime type

4 Oct 20181 minute to read

The Start Date and Time can be expressed using an instance of the DateTime class. If you want to add days, the AddDays() method can be used along with that instance. AddHours() and AddMinutes() can be used for adding any number of hours and minutes.

DateTime start = new DateTime(2006, 11, 1);

ChartSeries series = new ChartSeries(“”);

series.Points.Add(start.AddDays(7), 363);

series.Points.Add(start.AddDays(14), 417);
Dim start As DateTime = New DateTime(2006, 11, 1)

ChartSeries series = Me.chartControl1.Model.NewSeries(“”)

series.Points.Add(start.AddDays(7), 363)

series.Points.Add(start.AddDays(14), 417)