Localization in Windows Forms Chart

26 Apr 20211 minute to read

Localization allows chart to display data according to the language and culture specific to a particular country or region.

EssentialChart now supports localization; built-in resource files for specific languages can be easily added. Context menu items, exception messages, and some of the toolbar items can be localized.

Use Case Scenario

This enables you to localize any part of the chart that has static strings in it.

Property Description Type Data Type Reference links Dependencies


Get or set the localization culture of Grid. Server side A string containing the name of the target System.Globalization.CultureInfo NA NA

Adding Localization to an Application

  1. Create your localization resource file (.resx) in the bin -> Debug folder with the following naming convention:
    • ChartControl.< your culture info name >.resx


    It is mandatory to follow this naming convention.

    Chart Localization

  2. Enter the UI name in the Name column and the equivalent term you want in the Value column of the resource file.

    Chart Localization


    It is mandatory to specify equivalent terms for all static element to localize the chart.

  3. Specify the culture using the Localize property as given in the following code.

Chart Localization

To view a sample,

  1. Open the Syncfusion Dashboard.
  2. Select User Interface -> Windows Forms.
  3. Click Run Samples.
  4. Navigate to Culture Localization > Localization sample.

You can find the resource file for the localization in English at the following location.