Printing in Windows Forms Chart

26 Apr 20212 minutes to read

The chart provides a PrintDocument that can be sent to the .NET PrintPreviewDialog to get a preview of the chart that gets printed. Here is some code that shows how this is done.

PrintPreviewDialog printPreviewDialog1 = new PrintPreviewDialog();

//Customizing the icon of print preview dialog

(printPreviewDialog1 as Form).Icon = new Icon(@"..\..\App.ico");

printPreviewDialog1.Document = this.chartControl1.PrintDocument;

Me.printPreviewDialog1 = New System.Windows.Forms.PrintPreviewDialog

'Customizing the icon of print preview dialog

CType(printPreviewDialog1,Form).Icon = New Icon("..\..\App.ico")

printPreviewDialog1.Document = Me.chartControl1.PrintDocument


Chart Print


Print a chart control using the PrintDocument exposed by the chart control as follows:


You can also specify if you want to print the chart in Color or GrayScale using PrintColorMode property.

Chart control Property Description


Indicates the color mode during printing. Possible Values:
  • Color - Always Print in Color.
  • GrayScale - Always Print using GrayScale.
  • CheckPrinter - If printer allows color print in color, otherwise use gray scale (default setting).
this.chartControl1.PrintColorMode = ChartPrintColorMode.GrayScale;
Me.chartControl1.PrintColorMode = ChartPrintColorMode.GrayScale

Automatic GrayScale Handling

Setting GrayScale print mode for the chart lets you print the chart in a gray scale and when multiple series are printed in this case, chart data points are automatically rendered with a patterned brush to differentiate the different series as shown in the image below.

Chart Print

A sample illustrating the printing features is available in the below location.

<Install Location>\Syncfusion\EssentialStudio<Install version>\Windows\Chart.Windows\Samples\Print\Chart Print

Displaying ToolBar while printing

ShowToolBar property should be set to true to display a toolbar in the Chart. You can show or hide the toolbar while printing a Chart using PrintToolBar property.

chartControl1.ShowToolbar = true;

chartControl1.PrintDocument.PrintToolBar = true;
chartControl1.ShowToolbar = True

chartControl1.PrintDocument.PrintToolBar = True