Zoom Pan in WPF Diagram

18 Aug 20221 minute to read

  • We can Zoom in or Zoom out the diagram view.Diagram can be zoomed in or out by using Ctrl + mouse wheel.

  • When a large Diagram is loaded, only certain portion of the Diagram is visible. The remaining portions are clipped. Clipped portions can be explored by scrolling the scrollbars or panning the Diagram.

Zoom Pan

  • IntelliMouse Pan : We can pan the diagram using scroll wheel. To pan, user must hold down the Scroll Wheel anywhere in the diagram and move the cursor towards any direction (for example: On moving cursor towards left direction, diagram will be panned towards left). And releasing Scroll Wheel will stop the panning. Speed of the Panning is proportional to the distance between the Scroll Wheel pressed position and current mouse position, i.e. panning will be faster if the distance is large and slower if the distance is small.

WPF Diagram IntelliMousePan

WPF Diagram IntelliMousePan

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