Multiple segments creation

9 Jan 20243 minutes to read

Multiple segments can be added in a single connector one after another. you can add above four type of segments in single connector at a time.

<!--create the connector with multiple segments segments-->
<syncfusion:ConnectorViewModel SourcePoint="100,400" TargetPoint="550,700" >
            <!--Specify the segment as quadratic curve segment-->
            <syncfusion:QuadraticCurveSegment Point1="50,600" Point2="200,480"/>
            <!--Specify the segment as straight segment-->
            <syncfusion:StraightSegment Point="300,600"/>
            <!--Specify the segment as orthogonal segment-->
                    <syncfusion:DoubleExt Value ="100"/>
//create the connector with multiple segments
ConnectorViewModel multipleSegments = new ConnectorViewModel()
    SourcePoint = new Point(100, 400),
    TargetPoint = new Point(550, 700),
    Segments = new ObservableCollection<IConnectorSegment>()
        //Specify the segment as Quadratic curve segment
        new QuadraticCurveSegment()
            Point1 = new Point(50, 600),
            Point2 = new Point(200, 480),
        //Specify the segment as straight segment
        new StraightSegment()
            Point = new Point(300,600),
        //Specify the segment as orthogonal segment
        new OrthogonalSegment()
            Length = 100,

Multiple Segments

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