Windows Forms GridGrouping control Overview

28 Apr 20211 minute to read

The grid grouping control is a very powerful data grid with built-in support for hierarchical grouping, filtering, multicolumn sorting, summaries, and binding various data source types. Its unique UI and data virtualization architecture provides instant scrolling capabilities, display millions of records, and handle real-time data updates with less CPU usage.

Key features

  • Data binding: Supports binding different types of data sources.
  • Selection: Supports row selection.
  • Editing: Interactively supports editing with different column types.
  • Columns: Supports various column types including unbound columns.
  • Sorting: Interactively supports sorting the data in grid.
  • Grouping: Interactively supports grouping the data in grid.
  • Summaries: Extensively supports showing brief information about the individual data columns or groups of rows.
  • Filtering: Interactively supports filtering the data, like in Excel.
  • Validation: Supports validating the data on errors.
  • Exporting: Supports exporting the data to Excel, CSV, HTML, Word, and PDF.
  • Styling: Extensively supports customizing styles of cells and rows in grid.
  • Stacked headers: Extensively supports showing multiple headers called stacked headers.
  • Clipboard support: User friendly for clipboard operations i.e. to copy and paste the grid cell content to text or any format.
  • Formula support: Supports entering the algebraic expressions using formulas and cell references.
  • Expression fields: Supports computing and displaying the values based on another columns value.
  • Serialization: Supports serializing the grid data to Binary, SOAP, and XML format and vice versa.
  • Touch support: Completely supports resizing, dragging-dropping a column, sorting, filtering, grouping, etc. in touch devices.