.NET MAUI DataGrid (SfDataGrid) Overview

29 Jun 20221 minute to read

The .NET MAUI DataGrid control is used to display and manipulate data in a tabular view. It was built from the ground up to achieve the best possible performance, even when loading large amounts of data.

Key Features

  • Data Binding - Bind different types of data sources, including DataTable.

  • Column Types - Show different data types in different types of columns. The following column types are supported: numeric, text, date, checkbox, image, and template. The template column is used to load any control in a column.

  • Sorting - Interactively sort one or more columns.

  • Filtering - Programmatically filter data based on the criteria.

  • Column Sizing - Set the width of columns with various sizing options. Columns can also be sized based on their content.

  • Auto row height - Set the height for rows based on the content of their cells.

  • Selection - Select one or more rows. Keyboard navigation is supported in Windows platform.

  • Styling - Customize the appearance of cells and headers. Conditional styling is supported.