Windows Forms Ribbon (RibbonControlAdv) Overview

RibbonControlAdv illustrates the implementation of Ribbon like UI with Ribbon items and Backstage. Also, RibbonForm has been implemented for giving a themed Office UI look and feel for a complete window. The ribbon user interface (UI) increases discoverability of features, enables quicker learning of the application and makes user feel more in control of their experience with the application.

Components of RibbonControlAdv

• Ribbon Form
• Menu Button
• BackStageView
• RibbonPanel
• ToolStripTabItem
• ToolStripEx
• ToolStripItems

Key Features

• RibbonForm - An extension that replaces the default form to enable different Visual styles to ribbon.
• QuickAccessToolbar - Provides placing of frequently used items.
• ToolStripTabItem - Support to add different Tabs to show the features of application like in Microsoft Outlook.
• RibbonPanel – Allows to structure the layouts.
• DropDownButton – Collapses the Ribbon, which provides more space and tab names will appear.
• KeyTips – Interactive support through keyboard navigation.
• StatusStripEx - Provides placing of StatusBar items at the bottom of the form.
• Persistence - Support to save and load the state of RibbonControlAdv.

Overview of Syncfusion RibbonControlAdv