Contextual Tab Group in Windows Forms Ribbon (RibbonControlAdv)

29 Apr 20211 minute to read

Use a contextual tab to display a collection of commands that are relevant only when users select an object type, they are displayed only when a particular object type is selected.

Creating Context Tab Group

Through Designer

  • Click the TabGroup property of the RibbonControlAdv, TabGroup collection editor is opened. Add the tab group using the editor

Creating Context Tab Group through designer

  • Now create a ToolStripTabItem using the smart tag of the Ribbon.

  • Click the TabGroup property in the ToolStripTabItem and select the tab group from the available list.

Set TabGroup name through designer

Context Tab group in normal layout

ContextTabGroup in simplified layout

When the simplified layout is enabled, the ContextTabGroup will display its items in a single line as shown below. To know more about the simplified layout, refer here.

ContextTabGroup in simplified layout

Tab Arrangement

If tabs are placed consecutively and both tabs are assigned with same tag group, the tab group portion will be combined.

Arrangement of context tabs

Arrange more Contextual Tab Group

More contextual tab groups can be created by creating more tab groups and assigning those tab groups to the ToolStripTab items.

Arranging context tab groups