Tooltip in Windows Forms PopupMenu

29 Apr 20211 minute to read

Tooltip is nothing but a hint, showing short format or customized text about the bar item, when mouse hover on it. By enabling ShowToolTipInPopUp property of bar items, we can display tooltips while mouse hovering. The Tooltip property is used to set short format or customized text for each bar item.

In this illustration, we have used BarItem. Similarly, we have set the tooltip for ParentBarItem, DropDownBarItem, ComboBoxBarItem, ListBarItem, StaticBarItem and TextBoxBarItem.

The below code snippet will explain how to set tooltip for bar items.

this.barItem3.ShowToolTipInPopUp = true;
this.barItem3.Tooltip = "Used to copy the selected contents";
Me.barItem3.ShowToolTipInPopUp = True
Me.barItem3.Tooltip = "Used to copy the selected contents"