Windows Forms PopupMenu Overview

28 Apr 20211 minute to read

Popup menu represents a context menu, that will be hidden by default and shows over any control when user performs click operation. The menu holds important and frequently used commands for better access.

Key Features

  • BarItems - BarItems like ParentBarItem, DropDownBarItem, ComboBoxBarItem, ListBarItem, StaticBarItem and TextBoxBarItem can be added to the PopupMenu control.

  • Partial Menus - The popup menu items can be prioritized to display the bar items that are being used frequently and hide the rest.

  • Multi-level Menu Items - Allows to add submenu items or child items down the level in the popup menu.

  • Grouping Bar Items - Allows to add separator between a collection of bar items which are relevant to one another.

  • Checked/Unchecked - Indicating whether a check mark appears before the text of the selected bar item.

  • Enable/Disable - Bar items can be either enabled or disabled based on user requirement.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts & Mnemonics - The bar items can be selected through keyboard operation and support to add mnemonic text.

  • Tooltip - Provides options to set tooltip for each BarItem.

  • Themes - Supports set of visual styles to customize the look and feel of PopupMenu control.