Partial Menus in Windows Forms PopupMenu

29 Apr 20211 minute to read

The popup menu items which are frequently used can be prioritized for display and rest can be temporarily hidden within the menu. UsePartialMenus property of the parent bar item associated with the popup menu is used to enable the partial menus option and the priority of the bar items can be set by using the property IsRecentlyUsedItem. By default, its set to true.

The below code snippet will enable the partial menus feature in popup menu control.

this.popupMenu1.ParentBarItem.UsePartialMenus = true;
this.parentBarItem2.IsRecentlyUsedItem = false;
this.parentBarItem3.IsRecentlyUsedItem = false;
Me.popupMenu1.ParentBarItem.UsePartialMenus = True
Me.parentBarItem2.IsRecentlyUsedItem = False
Me.parentBarItem3.IsRecentlyUsedItem = False

Partial Menus