Localization in Windows Forms PopupMenu

29 Apr 20211 minute to read

Localization is the process of making application multilingual by formatting the content according to the cultures. This involves configuring the application for a specific language. Culture is the combination of language and location. For example, en-US is the culture for English spoken in United States; en-GB is the culture for English spoken in Great Britain.

The below code snippet will explain how to set the localize text in German culture.

this.barItem1.Text = "Datei";
this.barItem2.Text = "Schnitt";
this.barItem3.Text = "Kopieren";
this.barItem4.Text = "Einfügen";
this.parentBarItem2.Text = "Wählen";
this.parentBarItem3.Text = "Wählen Sie Alle";
Me.barItem1.Text = "Datei"
Me.barItem2.Text = "Schnitt"
Me.barItem3.Text = "Kopieren"
Me.barItem4.Text = "Einfügen"
Me.parentBarItem2.Text = "Wählen"
Me.parentBarItem3.Text = "Wählen Sie Alle"

German Culture

German Culture