Localization in Windows Forms PopupMenu

29 Apr 2021 / 1 minute to read

Localization is the process of making application multilingual by formatting the content according to the cultures. This involves configuring the application for a specific language. Culture is the combination of language and location. For example, en-US is the culture for English spoken in United States; en-GB is the culture for English spoken in Great Britain.

The below code snippet will explain how to set the localize text in German culture.

this.barItem1.Text = "Datei";
this.barItem2.Text = "Schnitt";
this.barItem3.Text = "Kopieren";
this.barItem4.Text = "Einfügen";
this.parentBarItem2.Text = "Wählen";
this.parentBarItem3.Text = "Wählen Sie Alle";
Me.barItem1.Text = "Datei"
Me.barItem2.Text = "Schnitt"
Me.barItem3.Text = "Kopieren"
Me.barItem4.Text = "Einfügen"
Me.parentBarItem2.Text = "Wählen"
Me.parentBarItem3.Text = "Wählen Sie Alle"

German Culture

German Culture