AutoSize Columns in WPF DataGrid (SfDataGrid)

4 Apr 202420 minutes to read

DataGrid allows you to set the column widths based on certain logic using SfDataGrid.ColumnSizer or GridColumn.ColumnSizer property. Below is the list of predefined column sizing options available.

Type Column width
Star Divides the total width equally for columns.
Auto Calculates the width of column based on header and cell contents. So that header and cell content’s are not truncated.
AutoWithLastColumnFill Applies GridLengthUnitType.Auto width to all the columns except last column which is visible and the remaining width from total width of SfDataGird is set to last column.
AutoLastColumnFill Applies GridLengthUnitType.Auto width to all the columns except last column which is visible and sets the maximum between last column auto spacing width and remaining width to last column.
SizeToCells Calculates the width of column based on cell contents. So that cell content’s are not truncated.
SizeToHeader Calculates the width of column based on header content. So that header content is not truncated.
None Default column width or defined width set to column.


ColumnSizer will not work when the column width defined explicitly. ColumnSizer calculates column width based on MinWidth and MaxWidth properties.

Below code, applies GridLengthUnitType.Star to equally set width for SfDataGrid.Columns.

<syncfusion:SfDataGrid  x:Name="dataGrid"
                        ItemsSource="{Binding Orders}" />

Autosize Columns in WPF DataGrid


The GridColumn.ColumnSizer takes higher priority than the SfDataGrid.ColumnSizer.

Fill remaining width for any column instead of last column when ColumnSizer is AutoLastColumnFill or AutoWithLastColumnFill 

In SfDataGrid while setting SfDataGrid.ColumnSizer as AutoLastColumnFill or AutoWithLastColumnFill remaining width is applied to last column. You can apply the remaining width to specific column by setting GridColumn.ColumnSizer property as like below.

<Syncfusion:SfDataGrid x:Name="datagrid"                                      
                       ItemsSource="{Binding OrderInfoCollection }">
                <Syncfusion:GridTextColumn MappingName="OrderID" HeaderText="OrderID" ColumnSizer="AutoLastColumnFill"/>
                <Syncfusion:GridTextColumn MappingName="CustomerID" HeaderText="CustomerID" />
                <Syncfusion:GridTextColumn MappingName="CustomerName" HeaderText="CustomerName"/>
                <Syncfusion:GridTextColumn MappingName="Country" HeaderText="Country"/>
                <Syncfusion:GridTextColumn MappingName="ShipCity" HeaderText="ShipCity"/>
this.datagrid.ColumnSizer = GridLengthUnitType.AutoLastColumnFill;
this.datagrid.Columns["OrderID"].ColumnSizer = GridLengthUnitType.AutoWithLastColumnFill;

Specific Column in WPF DataGrid Fills Remaining Width

Refreshing autosize calculation at runtime

You can refresh the autosize calculation at runtime by calling SfDataGrid.GridColumnSizer.Refresh method.
DataGrid support to recalculates the column auto width by calling reset methods of GridColumnSizer. GridColumnSizer.ResetAutoCalculationforAllColumns method reset widths to all columns. GridColumnSizer.ResetAutoCalculation method reset the width to particular column.


The GridColumnSizer.ResetAutoCalculationforAllColumns or GridColumnSizer.ResetAutoCalculation methods applicable for Auto, AutoWithLastColumnFill, AutoLastColumnFill, SizeToCells types.

For example, you can refresh all the column’s width based on the cell contents of newly added records at runtime.

var viewModel = this.dataGrid.DataContext as ViewModel;
viewModel.Orders.Add(new OrderInfo(11, "BLFKI", "Maria Joseph Anders"));


Resetting column width to apply autosize calculation

When the width of the column is explicitly defined or column is resized, then column width is not changed based on GridColumnSizer. You can reset GridColumn.Width by setting double.NaN to apply column width based on column sizer.

foreach (var column in dataGrid.Columns)

    if (!double.IsNaN(column.Width))
        column.Width = double.NaN;

Customizing built-in column auto-sizing logic

SfDataGrid process column sizing operations in GridColumnSizer class. You can customize the column sizing operations by overriding GridColumnSizer and set it to SfDataGrid.GridColumnSizer.

this.dataGrid.GridColumnSizer = new GridColumnSizerExt(dataGrid);

public class GridColumnSizerExt:GridColumnSizer

    public GridColumnSizerExt(SfDataGrid dataGrid)


    // Calculate Width for column when ColumnSizer is SizeToCells.        

    protected override double CalculateCellWidth(GridColumn column, bool setWidth = true)
        return base.CalculateCellWidth(column, setWidth);

    //Calculate Width for the column when ColumnSizer is SizeToHeader

    protected override double CalculateHeaderWidth(GridColumn column, bool setWidth = true)
        return base.CalculateHeaderWidth(column, setWidth);

Auto width calculation based on font settings

By default, the ColumnSizer calculates column’s width based on fixed FontSize, FontFamily, Margin,SortIconWidth, FilterIconWidth. You can change the calculation by customized settings.

Changing Sort and Filter Icon width

You can change the filter icon and sort icon widths for column width calculation by setting GridColumnSizer.SortIconWidth and GridColumnSizer.FilterIconWidth properties.

dataGrid.GridColumnSizer.SortIconWidth = 20;
dataGrid.GridColumnSizer.FilterIconWidth = 20;

Changing Font settings for DataGrid

You can change the font settings for column width calculation by setting GridColumnSizer.FontSize, GridColumnSizer.FontFamily and GridColumnSizer.Margin properties. This settings will be considered for all columns.

this.dataGrid.GridColumnSizer.FontSize = 10.0;
this.dataGrid.GridColumnSizer.FontFamily = new FontFamily("TimesNewRoman");
this.dataGrid.GridColumnSizer.Margin = new Thickness(9, 3, 1, 3);

Changing Font settings for one Column

You can change the font setting for one column width calculation using GridColumnSizer.SetFontFamily, GridColumnSizer.SetFontSize and GridColumnSizer.SetMargin static methods of GridColumnSizer to GridColumn.

var gridColumn = this.dataGrid.Columns[0];
GridColumnSizer.SetFontFamily(gridColumn, new FontFamily("TimesNewRoman"));
GridColumnSizer.SetFontSize(gridColumn, 10.0);
GridColumnSizer.SetMargin(gridColumn, new Thickness(9, 3, 1, 3));

You can also change the font setting for one column width calculation using GetFormattedText method.

this.dataGrid.GridColumnSizer = new ColumnSizerExt(this.dataGrid);

public class ColumnSizerExt : GridColumnSizer
    public ColumnSizerExt(SfDataGrid grid) : base(grid)

    protected override FormattedText GetFormattedText(GridColumn column, object record, string displayText)
        var formattedText = base.GetFormattedText(column, record, displayText);

        if (column.MappingName.Equals("OrderID"))
            formattedText.SetFontFamily(new FontFamily("TimesNewRoman"));
        return formattedText;

Star column sizer ratio support

You can customize the ColumnSizer.Star width calculation logic by overriding SetStarWidth method of GridColumnSizer.

For example, you can calculate the column width, with specified ratios instead of dividing equal width for all columns in Star calculation using ColumnRatio attached property.

public static class StarRatio

    public static int GetColumnRatio(DependencyObject obj)
        return (int)obj.GetValue(ColumnRatioProperty);

    public static void SetColumnRatio(DependencyObject obj, int value)
        obj.SetValue(ColumnRatioProperty, value);

    public static readonly DependencyProperty ColumnRatioProperty = DependencyProperty.RegisterAttached("ColumnRatio", typeof(int), typeof(StarRatio), new PropertyMetadata(1, null));

Below code to define the star width calculation based on the ColumnRatio.

//Assign the customized GridColumnSizerExt to SfDataGrid.GridColumnSizer
this.dataGrid.GridColumnSizer = new GridColumnSizerExt(dataGrid);

public class GridColumnSizerExt : GridColumnSizer

    public GridColumnSizerExt(SfDataGrid grid)
        : base(grid)


    protected override void SetStarWidth(double remainingColumnWidth, IEnumerable<GridColumn> remainingColumns)
        var removedColumn = new List<GridColumn>();
        var columns = remainingColumns.ToList();
        var totalRemainingStarValue = remainingColumnWidth;
        double removedWidth = 0;
        bool isRemoved;

        while (columns.Count > 0)
            isRemoved = false;
            removedWidth = 0;
            var columnsCount = 0;

            columns.ForEach((col) =>
                columnsCount += StarRatio.GetColumnRatio(col);

            double starWidth = Math.Floor((totalRemainingStarValue / columnsCount));
            var column = columns.First();
            starWidth *= StarRatio.GetColumnRatio(column);
            double computedWidth = SetColumnWidth(column, starWidth);

            if (starWidth != computedWidth && starWidth > 0)
                isRemoved = true;

                foreach (var remColumn in removedColumn)

                    if (!columns.Contains(remColumn))
                        removedWidth += remColumn.ActualWidth;
                totalRemainingStarValue += removedWidth;

            totalRemainingStarValue = totalRemainingStarValue - computedWidth;

            if (!isRemoved)

                if (!removedColumn.Contains(column))

Below code uses the ColumnRatio to apply the defined star width for each column.

<syncfusion:SfDataGrid x:Name="dataGrid"
                       ItemsSource="{Binding Orders}"  
        <syncfusion:GridTextColumn  HeaderText="Order ID"
                                    local:StarRatio.ColumnRatio="1" />
        <syncfusion:GridTextColumn  HeaderText="Customer ID"
                                    local:StarRatio.ColumnRatio="2" />
        <syncfusion:GridTextColumn  HeaderText="Customer Name"
                                    local:StarRatio.ColumnRatio="3" />

WPF DataGrid displays ColumnRatio Column Width

Change the width of DataGrid ComboBoxColumn based on it’s ItemsSource

By default, the ColumnSizer calculates auto width based on the column content. You can change the auto width calculation for GridComboBoxColumn based on its items source by overriding the CalculateCellWidth virtual method.

Below code creates CustomColumnSizer to change the width of GridComboboxColumn and set to SfDataGrid.GridColumnSizer.

this.dataGrid.GridColumnSizer = new CustomColumnSizer(this.dataGrid);

public class CustomColumnSizer:GridColumnSizer

    public CustomColumnSizer(SfDataGrid grid)
        : base(grid)
    protected override double CalculateCellWidth(GridColumn column, bool setWidth = true)

        if (column is GridComboBoxColumn)
            double colWidth = double.MaxValue;                               
            var source = (column as GridComboBoxColumn).ItemsSource;                
            string maximumComboItemsText = string.Empty;                
            var clientSize = new Size(colWidth, DataGrid.RowHeight);                

            foreach (var comboItems in source)
                string comboItemText = (string)comboItems;

                if (maximumComboItemsText.Length < comboItemText.Length)
                    maximumComboItemsText = comboItemText;                   
            var measureSize= MeasureText(clientSize,maximumComboItemsText,column,null,GridQueryBounds.Width);
            return measureSize.Width + SystemParameters.ScrollWidth;

            return base.CalculateCellWidth(column, setWidth);