XPTaskBar Settings in Windows Forms xp taskbar (XPTaskBar)

29 Apr 20211 minute to read

The behavior of the XPTaskBar can be controlled using the properties given below.

Behavior settings

This section discusses the behavior settings of the XPTaskBar.

this.xpTaskBar1.AllowDrop = true;

this.xpTaskBar1.AutoPersistStates = true;

this.xpTaskBar1.ColWidthOnHorizontalAlignment = 100;

this.xpTaskBar1.VerticalLayout = true;
Me.xpTaskBar1.AllowDrop = True

Me.xpTaskBar1.AutoPersistStates = True

Me.xpTaskBar1.ColWidthOnHorizontalAlignment = 100

Me.xpTaskBar1.VerticalLayout = True



Scroll settings

Vertical scrollbar will be automatically added to the XPTaskBar when the TaskBar Boxes are placed outside the TaskBar’s client area, provided the XPTaskBar is in the Vertical Layout mode.

In the Horizontal Layout mode, the horizontal scrollbar appears on setting the ColWidthOnHorizontalLayout property to large values.

this.xpTaskBar1.AutoScroll = true;

this.xpTaskBar1.AutoScrollMargin = new System.Drawing.Size(5, 5);

this.xpTaskBar1.AutoScrollMinSize = new System.Drawing.Size(3, 3);
Me.xpTaskBar1.AutoScroll = True

Me.xpTaskBar1.AutoScrollMargin = New System.Drawing.Size(5, 5)

Me.xpTaskBar1.AutoScrollMinSize = New System.Drawing.Size(3, 3)

Scroll settings