XPTaskBar Image Settings in Windows Forms xp taskbar (XPTaskBar)

29 Apr 20211 minute to read

This section discusses the image settings available in XPTaskBar.

Adding images to the XPTaskBar box header

We can add images to the header of the XPTaskBar Box using the ImageList control and some properties that are discussed below.

Drag and drop the ImageList control onto the form and add images to it using the Image Collection Editor. To include an image in the header, set the HeaderImageList property to an ImageList containing the image and also set the HeaderImageIndex property to refer to a specific image within the above list.

this.xpTaskBarBox1.ImageList = this.imageList1;

this.xpTaskBarBox1.HeaderImageList = this.imageList2;

this.xpTaskBarBox1.HeaderImageIndex = 0;
Me.xpTaskBarBox1.ImageList = Me.imageList1

Me.xpTaskBarBox1.HeaderImageList = Me.imageList2

Me.xpTaskBarBox1.HeaderImageIndex = 0

XPTaskBar images
Image added to the TaskBar Box Header

Adding images to XPTaskBar items

Images can be easily associated with the ImageIndex property of the XPTaskBar Items.

The ImageIndex of the XPTaskBar Items can be specified in the XPTaskBarItem Collection Editor.

this.xpTaskBarBox1.ImageList = this.imageList1;

this.xpTaskBarBox1.Items[0].ImageIndex = 0;

this.xpTaskBarBox1.Items[1].ImageIndex = 1;

this.xpTaskBarBox1.Items[2].ImageIndex = 2;
Me.xpTaskBarBox1.ImageList = Me.imageList1

Me.xpTaskBarBox1.Items(0)ImageIndex = 0

Me.xpTaskBarBox1.Items(1)ImageIndex = 1

Me.xpTaskBarBox1.Items(2)ImageIndex = 2

XPTaskBar images