Xamarin Charts (SfChart) Overview

12 May 20211 minute to read

Essential Chart for Xamarin.Forms provide a perfect way to visualize data with a high level of user interactivity that focuses on development, productivity and simplicity of use. Essential Chart also provides a wide variety of charting features that are used to visualize large quantities of data, flexible data binding and user customization.

Overview of Xamarin.Forms Chart

Key features

  • Chart supports more than 25 different types of series, ranging from simple bar series to complex financial charts. Each type of chart represents a unique style of representing data that is more user friendly and has greater UI visualization.
  • Data can be plotted against multiple scales that helps to visualize the mixed types of data in a single chart.
  • Chart provides support to render multiple series at the same time, with options to compare and visualize two different chart series, simultaneously.
  • User friendly customization support.SfChart provides various options for you to customize chart features, axis, labels, legends, series, etc., and visualize them accordingly.


You can refer to our Xamarin Charts feature tour page for its groundbreaking feature representations. You can also explore our Xamarin.Forms Charts example to knows various chart types and how to easily configured with built-in support for creating stunning visual effects.