Appearance in WPF AutoComplete (Classic)

5 May 20211 minute to read


AutoComplete supports various built-in themes. Refer to the below links to apply themes for the AutoComplete,

Setting theme to WPF AutoComplete

Show the shadow effect

You can show the shadow effect of AutoComplete by using DropShadowEffect. You can also set the distance between the control and shadow by using ShadowDepth property.

Refer the below code for your reference.

<syncfusion:AutoComplete Height="30" Width="150" Text="AutoComplete">
        <DropShadowEffect ShadowDepth="10" Color="LightGray" Opacity="2" />
AutoComplete autoComplete = new AutoComplete();
autoComplete.Height = 30;
autoComplete.Width = 150;
autoComplete.Text = "AutoComplete";
DropShadowEffect shadowEffect = new DropShadowEffect();
shadowEffect.ShadowDepth = 10;
shadowEffect.Color = Colors.LightGray;
shadowEffect.Opacity = 2;
autoComplete.Effect = shadowEffect;

Show the shadow effects of WPF AutoComplete