Windows Forms TabControl (TabControlAdv) Overview

29 Apr 20211 minute to read

The TabControlAdv is an advanced form of standard TabControl that enables an end-user to arrange visual content in a compacted and organized form in less space. It has many efficient features like standard TabControl, along with plenty of appearance customization and configuration capabilities.

TabControlAdv for Windows Forms with multiline and reorder support

Key features

  • Tab Alignment - Supports to specify tabs alignment in left, right, top, and bottom directions.
  • Navigation support - Supports to navigate through the tabs of the TabControlAdv.
  • Editing support - Provides options to edit the tab header text at run-time.
  • Icons support - Supports to add images in the tab header.
  • Drag and drop - Supports to rearrange tabs through Drag and Drop functionality.
  • Button support - Provides options to display close button individually for each tab.
  • ToolTip - Provides options to show / hide ToolTip when the mouse pointer is placed over the tabs.
  • Styling - Supports for wide variety of built-in themes like 2D, 3D, Metro, Office themes, OneNoteStyle, InternetExplorer7 and much more.
  • Serialization - Provides serialization support to save and load the tab states.
  • Scrolling - Provides extremely a smooth scrolling behavior even when tabs overflow onto the tab panel.