Keyboard Support in Windows Forms RadialMenu

6 Oct 20212 minutes to read

The RadialMenu control supports key tips for radial menu items, letting users quickly access radial menu items in a few keystrokes. When a user presses the Alt key, key tips for radial menu items are displayed. Pressing a key indicated in the key tip invokes the click event of the corresponding radial menu item.

Add Super Accelerator

Follow the steps below to add the SuperAccelerator

  1. Drag-and-drop the SuperAccelerator on your form or creating the SuperAccelerator instance through code.


Through Coding

SuperAccelerator superAccelerator1 = new SuperAccelerator(this);
  1. To set a SuperAccelerator on use a SetAccelerator method to set the string value in radial menu item.

Through Coding

this.superAccelerator1.SetAccelerator(radialMenuItem1, "E");

    this.superAccelerator1.SetAccelerator(radialMenuItem2, "C");

    this.superAccelerator1.SetAccelerator(radialMenuItem3, "X");

    this.superAccelerator1.SetAccelerator(radialMenuItem4, "P");
  1. To accelerate the item’s click event at run time, Press the ALT key. All the specified accelerator strings will be displayed below the items.


  1. Press the string in the keyboard and the corresponding item’s click event will be triggered. (Eg. If the accelerator string of Copy is X key, Press ALT key. Once all the accelerator strings are displayed, press X key the Copy item event will be triggered.)

Note: Do not set same string value to multiple radial menu items.

SuperAccelerator appearance

This section discusses the appearance settings of a SuperAccelerator. customizing a SuperAccelerator using a property of BackColor,Font and ForeColor.

this.superAccelerator1.BackColor = Color.Red;
this.superAccelerator1.ForeColor = Color.White;
this.superAccelerator1.Font = new System.Drawing.Font("Arial", 8F, FontStyle.Italic);


SuperAccelerator supports visual styles such as Default, Office2016. The style can be set using Appearance property.

  • Default
  • Advanced
  • Office2016Colorful
  • Office2016White
  • Office2016DarkGray
  • Office2016Black
this.superAccelerator1.Appearance = Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools.Appearance.Office2016Colorful;


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