Windows Forms Radial Menu Overview

28 Apr 20211 minute to read

The RadialMenu comprises a hierarchical menu in a circular layout. It is used as a context menu and configured with familiar items for quick access.


Key features

  • Configurable MenuItems - Provides options to set completely customizable menu items and submenu items.

  • RadialMenuSlider - Provides options to get numerical inputs values within a maximum and minimum range.

  • RadialColorPalette - Provides options to get color inputs with optional customizable palette support.

  • RadialFontListBox - Provides option to get font style from the numerous built-in font list.

  • Display style - Provides options to set DisplayStyle such as Text, Image, TextAboveImage or ImageAboveText.

  • Image settings - Provides options to set menu centre icon as well as images for menu items.