Windows Forms Navigation Pane (GroupBar) Overview

28 Apr 20211 minute to read

The GroupBar control provides a navigation UI similar to Microsoft Outlook. It has a container to host controls within it. Use it to host a categorized collection of items and custom controls.

Key Features

  • Text settings: Provides options to align the text to the Left, Right, or Center and also supports renaming the GroupBarItems at run-time.

  • Image settings: Provides options to display Large images or Icons on the header of the GroupBar as well as Stacked GroupBar.

  • Localization: Provides localization support for all elements in GroupBar into any desired language.

  • Stacked GroupBar: Provides options to display GroupBarItems in a Stack like fashion. Stacked GroupBar provides a Navigation Pane that can be viewed at the bottom of the Groupbar.

  • Nested GroupBar: Provides option to add GroupBar control into another GroupBar Control. It can be deployed as a Generic Control Container with maximum flexibility.

  • Visual style : Provides option to customize the appearance using rich set of available built-in visual styles.

  • Serialization - Provides options to save and load the state of the GroupBarItems.