Cursor Settings in Windows Forms Navigation Pane (GroupBar)

28 Apr 20211 minute to read

Cursor settings for GroupBar

The cursor settings of the GroupBar control can be changed using Cursor property.

this.groupBar1.Cursor = System.Windows.Forms.Cursors.Cross;
Me.groupBar1.Cursor = System.Windows.Forms.Cursors.Cross

GroupBar cursor

Cursor settings for GroupBar items

You can set different types of cursors when the mouse pointer is over the GroupBar Items using GroupBarItemCursor property. The cursors available are Mouse, Cross, Help, Hand, and so on. The default cursor is ‘Arrow’.

this.groupBar1.GroupBarItemCursor = System.Windows.Forms.Cursors.Hand;
Me.groupBar1.GroupBarItemCursor = System.Windows.Forms.Cursors.Hand

GroupBarItem cusrsor


The ResetGroupBarItemCursor method can be used to reset the cursor when it is displayed over a GroupBar Item.