GroupBar Settings in Windows Forms Navigation Pane (GroupBar)

28 Apr 20214 minutes to read

The look and feel of the GroupBar can be controlled through the appearance properties of the control. These properties are discussed in detail in the below topics.

Integrated scrolling

Scroll buttons can be included for the client controls in the GroupBar by setting the IntegratedScrolling property to true.

this.groupBar1.IntegratedScrolling = true;
Me.groupBar1.IntegratedScrolling = True

Integrated scrolling


The following are the properties available for GroupBar Items when the GroupBar is in the Stacked Mode. The Stacked Mode can be enabled by setting the StackedMode property to true.

// StackeMode set to true.

this.groupBarItem1.InNavigationPane = true;

this.groupBarItem1.NavigationPaneIcon = ((System.Drawing.Icon)(resources.GetObject("groupBarItem1.NavigationPaneIcon")));

this.groupBarItem1.NavigationPaneImage = ((System.Drawing.Image)(resources.GetObject("groupBarItem1.NavigationPaneImage")));
' StackeMode set to true.

Me.groupBarItem1.InNavigationPane = True

Me.groupBarItem1.NavigationPaneIcon = DirectCast((Resources.GetObject("groupBarItem1.NavigationPaneIcon")), System.Drawing.Icon)

Me.groupBarItem1.NavigationPaneImage = DirectCast((Resources.GetObject("groupBarItem1.NavigationPaneImage")), System.Drawing.Image)

If you want to display an icon or image for the GroupBar Item displayed in the GroupBar’s navigation pane, set the InNavigationPane property to true and associate icons or images with the NavigationPaneIcon and NavigationPaneImage
properties respectively.

Stacked group bar

Stacked GroupBar Item automatically shows the Chevron, which can be made invisible by setting the ShowChevron property to false.

Navigation buttons


You should set LargeImageMode of GroupBarItem to true to display the item images in the GroupBar’s navigation pane.

You can set the navigation pane button width and height by using NavigationPaneButtonWidth and NavigationPaneHeight properties respectively.

// StackeMode set to true.

this.groupBar1.NavigationPaneButtonWidth = 25;

this.groupBar1.NavigationPaneHeight = 35;
' StackeMode set to true.

Me.groupBar1.NavigationPaneButtonWidth = 25

Me.groupBar1.NavigationPaneHeight = 35

The Navigation Pane is displayed when the GroupBar is in the Stacked Mode. It’s height and width can be adjusted by setting the NavigationPaneButtonWidth and NavigationPaneHeight properties to integer values.

Navigation pane

Collapse/expand settings

This section discusses settings of a groupbar in its collapsed state.


AllowCollapse property should be set to true to effect the below settings.

this.groupBar1.AllowCollapse = true;

this.groupBar1.Collapsed = true;

this.groupBar1.CollapsedText = "Navigation Pane";

this.groupBar1.CollapsedWidth = 45;
Me.groupBar1.AllowCollapse = True

Me.groupBar1.Collapsed = True

Me.groupBar1.CollapsedText = "Navigation Pane"

this.groupBar1.CollapsedWidth = 45;

Image for collapse/expand states

The below properties set images for the collapse button based on the button states.

this.groupBar1.CollapseImage = ((System.Drawing.Image)(resources.GetObject("groupBar1.CollapseImage")));

this.groupBar1.ExpandImage = ((System.Drawing.Image)(resources.GetObject("groupBar1.ExpandImage")));
Me.groupBar1.CollapseImage = DirectCast((resources.GetObject("groupBar1.CollapseImage")), System.Drawing.Image) 

Me.groupBar1.ExpandImage = DirectCast((resources.GetObject("groupBar1.ExpandImage")), System.Drawing.Image)