Windows Forms Menu (Menus) Overview

25 May 20211 minute to read

MainFrameBarManager control allows the hierarchal menu model of elements that are associated with commands and toolbars. This control contains a collection of BarItem, which can be expanded to display additional BarItem or to perform a specific action when being clicked.

Key features

  • Bar - Supports Bar which is an unique structure represents a main menu, status bar or a regular toolbar in the XP Menus Framework.

  • Host form - Provides option to host into any kind of forms.

  • Localization - Provides localization support for all elements into any desired language

  • BarItem types - Provides rich set of built-in controls such as ParentBarItem, BarItem, ComboBoxBarItem, TextBoxBarItem and much more.

  • Serialization - Provides options to save and load the state of the BarItem.

  • Customization - Supports Customization dialog to allow the end user to customize the menu structure at runtime.

  • Visual style - Supports rich set of visual styles to customize the look and feel of MainFrameBarManager.

  • MDI layout - Supports MDI Layout, Learn more MDIChildForms

  • ToolTip - Provides options to set ToolTip for each BarItem.