RotateTile in Windows Forms Hub Tile

28 Apr 20211 minute to read

The Tile will animate by rotating itself in different orientation.

The following code example shows how to enable rotate transition using code behind.

this.HubTile1.TileType = HubTileType.RotateTile
Me.HubTile1.TileType = HubTileType.RotateTile

Horizontal transition

You can rotate the tile is horizontally or vertically using RotationTransition property.

this.HubTile1.RotationTransition = TileFlipDirection.Vertical;
Me.HubTile1.RotationTransition = TileFlipDirection.Vertical

Horizontal transition

Vertical transition

Transition speed

In HubTile, rotation speed can be increased or decreased by the RotationTransitionSpeed property.

this.HubTile1.RotationTransitionSpeed = 3;
Me.HubTile1.RotationTransitionSpeed = 3