DefaultTile in Windows Forms Hub Tile

28 Apr 20212 minutes to read

This type provides notification through various transition effects.

Key properties

  • Title - The title can be displayed at the top of the hub tile.
  • Footer - The footer can be displayed at the bottom of the hub tile.
  • ImageSource - An image can be displayed in the background of the hub tile.

The following code example shows the usage of the Title, Footer, and ImageSource properties.

this.HubTile1.Title.Text  = "This is the title area. Display your image here”;

this.HubTile1.Title.TextColor  = Color.White;

this.HubTile1.Footer.Text = "HubTile";

this.HubTile1.Footer.TextColor  = Color.White;

this.HubTile1.ImageSource  = this.ImageListAdv1.Images[0];
Me.HubTile1.Title.Text = "This is the title area. Display your image here”

Me.HubTile1.Title.TextColor  = Color.White

Me.HubTile1.Footer.Text = "HubTile"

Me.HubTile1.Footer.TextColor  = Color.White

Me.HubTile1.ImageSource  = Me.ImageListAdv1.Images(0)

Default Tile

Default Tile

Transition effects

In HubTile, image transition can be performed at specified intervals and in different directions just like the Windows 8 live tiles. They include the following transition effects.

  • Bottom-to-Top
  • Top-to-Bottom
  • Left-to-Right
  • Right-to-Left

HubTile image transition direction can be modified using the SlideTransition property.

this.HubTile1.TileType = HubTileType.DefaultTile;

this.HubTile1.TurnLiveTileOn = true;

this.HubTile1.SlideTransition = TransitionDirection.BottomToTop;
Me.HubTile1.TileType = HubTileType.DefaultTile

Me.HubTile1.TurnLiveTileOn = True

Me.HubTile1.SlideTransition = TransitionDirection.LeftToRight

Slide tansition

Transition speed

In HubTile, image transition speed can be increased or decreased by using ImageTransitionSpeed property.

this.HubTile1.ImageTransitionSpeed = 3;
Me.HubTile1.ImageTransitionSpeed = 3