Diagram Grid in Windows Forms Diagram

27 Apr 20211 minute to read

The Diagram grid is drawn with evenly spaced points that provides a visual guidance to the user.


Draws a matrix of evenly spaced points in the view, and provides snap to the grid calculations.

Class Reference

It is a property of Diagram.View class and its return type is Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Diagram.LayoutGrid.

Diagram Grid Properties

Properties Description
Color Color used for drawing the grid. It accepts System.Color value.
ContainerView Gets or sets the view that this grid is attached to.
DashOffset Distance from the start of the line to the dash pattern. It accepts Float value.
DashStyle Style used for dashed lines. It accepts System.Drawing.Drawing2D.DashStyle value.
GridStyle Gets or sets the appearance of the grid. It is GridStyle enumerator type value.
HorizontalSpacing Determines the horizontal distance between grid points. It accepts float value.
MinPixelSpacing Indicates minimum spacing between grid points in device units. It accepts Float value.
SnapToGrid Adjust the node with nearest grid point. Specifies whether the snap to grid feature is enabled. It accepts Boolean value (true or false).
VerticalSpacing Determines the vertical distance between grid points. It accepts Float value.
Visible Specifies whether the grid is visible. It accepts Boolean value (true or false).
diagram1.View.Grid.GridStyle = GridStyle.Line;
diagram1.View.Grid.Color = Color.LightGray            
diagram1.View.Grid.VerticalSpacing = 15;
diagram1.View.Grid.HorizontalSpacing = 15;
diagram1.View.Grid.Visible = false;
diagram1.View.Grid.SnapToGrid = true;