Right-to-left in Windows Forms DateTimePicker (SfDateTimeEdit)

10 Jun 20211 minute to read

SfDateTimeEdit control elements can be aligned in right-to-left layout. This control can be laid out from right to left when the RightToLeft value is set to Yes.

//Enable the Right to Left

this.dateTimeEdit.RightToLeft = RightToLeft.Yes;
'Enable the Right to Left

Me.dateTimeEdit.RightToLeft = RightToLeft.Yes

Right to left support

Change drop-down calendar alignment

The SfDateTimeEdit allows you to change the drop-down opening side of the calendar relative to the control. The DropDownPopupAlignment of the SfDateTimeEdit can be used to change the alignment of calendar.

//Setting Left Popup alignment

this.dateTimeEdit.DropDownPopupAlignment = DropDownPopupAlignment.Left;

//Setting Right Popup alignment

this.dateTimeEdit.DropDownPopupAlignment = DropDownPopupAlignment.Right;
'Setting Left Popup alignment

Me.dateTimeEdit.DropDownPopupAlignment = DropDownPopupAlignment.Left

'Setting Right Popup alignment

Me.dateTimeEdit.DropDownPopupAlignment = DropDownPopupAlignment.Right

Change drop down calendar alignment