Windows Forms ContextMenuStrip (ContextMenuStripEx) Overview

10 Jun 20211 minute to read

Context menu is a group of frequently used commands or menu items that can be accessed by right-clicking the target control. For example, Cut, Copy and Paste, frequently used commands are grouped and accessed on simple right-click option.

Key Features

  • ToolStripItems - ToolStripItems like MenuItem,TextBox,ComboBox and Separator can be added as menu items to the ContextMenuStripEx control.

  • Render Mode - Represents the painting style applied to the control.

  • Checked/Unchecked - Indicating whether a check mark appears before to the text of the selected menu item.

  • Enable/Disable - Menu items can be enabled or disabled based on user requirement.

  • Auto Close - Specifies whether the context menu should close for any user actions at runtime.

  • Customization - We can customize the Text, Image Display, Background Color, Font, Foreground Color, etc..

  • Tooltip - Provides options to set tooltip for each Menu item.

  • Themes - Supports set of visual styles to customize the look and feel of ContextMenuStripEx control.

  • RTL - Display the content from right to left.