Windows Forms ButtonAdv(Classic) Overview

24 Jun 20221 minute to read

ButtonAdv is an advanced button control capable of displaying images with different alignments and various border styles. It contains some additional feature to the standard Windows Forms Button. It can be configured into any of the predefined ButtonTypes such as Calculator, Up, Down, and so on. Also it can afford the XP or Office styles.

 Overview of ButtonAdv


ButtonType: Provides different of button and specify the image with this ButtonType. The types are, Normal, Calculator, Currency, Down, Up, Left, Right, Browse and etc..

BorderStyle: Provides different border style of the control. The styles are, None, Dashed, Dotted, Inset, Outset, Bump, Sunken and etc..

Appearance: Supports to set of visual styles to customize the look and feel of ButtonAdv control.

Image settings: Provides support to set the background image for the control.

Choose between different button controls

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