DateTimePickerAdv control contains embedded calendar control which pops-up on clicking the dropdown button at the end of the control. The popup calendar is a MonthCalendarAdv control and hence supports all the properties of the MonthCalendarAdv control. These properties of the calendar can be accessed using DateTimePickerAdv.Calendar.TodayButton _(for example)_property.

Month Calendar for Windows Forms

Additionally, the calendar popup can be customized using the DateTimePickerAdv properties. Refer Customizing the Calendar topic.

Day Names

In the calendar, we can specify whether shortest day names can be used or not using UseShortestDayNames property. By default it is true.

  • c#
  • this.dateTimePickerAdv1.UseShortestDayNames = false;
  • vbnet
  • Me.dateTimePickerAdv1.UseShortestDayNames = False

    Buttons in Calendar

    We can specify the visibility of the None button using NoneButtonVisible property. Default value is true.

  • c#
  • this.dateTimePickerAdv1.NoneButtonVisible = false;
  • vbnet
  • Me.dateTimePickerAdv1.NoneButtonVisible = False


    None button will not be visible when EnableNullDate property is set to false. See_ Null Value Settings _to know about EnableNullDate property.