Windows Forms MonthCalendarAdv(Classic) Overview

24 May 20231 minute to read

MonthCalendar is a control that allows you to select a date from the calendar and various customization options for the calendar. Supports rich user interface options such as multiple selection, ContextMenu, Globalization and much more.

Month calendar for Windows forms

Key features

  • Date-range support : Provides maximum and minimum date support to prevent users from selecting dates within a specified range.

  • Globalization : Supports for globalize first day of the week and day names based on the culture.

  • ContextMenu - Supports ContextMenu for month and date for quick navigation.

  • Multiple selection - Provides options to select multiple dates by dragging the mouse and also using the key modifiers.

  • Customization - Provides options to customize font and color of Dates, Day Names, Week number and calendar Header

  • Visual style - Provides rich set of visual styles to customize the look and feel of MonthCalendarAdv.

  • Accessibility - Touch, keyboard, and mouse support to make applications available to a wide variety of users.

Choose between different calendar controls

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