Flutter range slider (SfRangeSlider) Overview

8 Sep 20211 minute to read

Syncfusion Flutter Range Slider is a highly interactive UI widget, allowing users to select a smaller range from a larger data set. It provides rich features, such as numeric and date values, labels, ticks, dividers, and tooltips.

Range slider overview


  • Numeric and date support - Provides functionality for selecting numeric and date ranges. For the date range, support is provided up to the seconds interval.
  • Labels - Render labels for the date and numeric ranges with the option to customize their format based on your requirements.
  • Ticks and dividers - Provides the option to show ticks and dividers based on the interval. Also enables minor ticks to indicate the values between each interval. These options present the selected range in a more intuitive way for end users.
  • Highly customizable - In addition to the rich set of built-in features, fully customize the control in a much simpler way using the wide range of provided options.
  • Tooltips - Render tooltips to show the selected range clearly. It is also possible to customize the format of the text shown in the tooltip.
  • Orientation - Supports both horizontal and vertical orientations.