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Legend Visibility

You can enable or disable legend using the Visible property inside the Legend object.


By default, the legend is visible in PivotChart.

  • //Legend Visibility set as true
    @Html.EJ().Pivot().PivotChart("PivotChart1").Url(Url.Content("/RelationalChartService.svc")).Size(size => size.Height("460px").Width("950px")).Legend(legend => legend.Visible(true))

    Legend visibility in ASP NET MVC pivot chart control

    Legend Shape

    You can customize the legend Shape in PivotChart control. Default value of legend shape is “Rectangle”. Following legend shapes that are supported:

    • Rectangle
    • Circle
    • Cross
    • Diamond
    • Pentagon
    • Hexagon
    • Star
    • Ellipse
    • Triangle etc.
  • //Applying legend shape
    @Html.EJ().Pivot().PivotChart("PivotChart1").Url(Url.Content("/RelationalChartService.svc")).Size(size => size.Height("460px").Width("950px")).Legend(legend => legend.Visible(true).Shape(ChartShape.Star))

    Legend shape in ASP NET MVC pivot chart control

    Legend Position

    By using the Position property, you can place the legend at top, bottom, left or right of the PivotChart.


    Default value of legend position is “bottom” in PivotChart.

  • //Place the legend at top of the Chart
    @Html.EJ().Pivot().PivotChart("PivotChart1").Url(Url.Content("/RelationalChartService.svc")).Size(size => size.Height("460px").Width("950px")).Legend(legend => legend.Visible(true).Shape(ChartShape.Star).Position(LegendPosition.Top))

    Legend position in ASP NET MVC pivot chart control

    Legend Title

    To add the legend title, you have to specify the title text in title.Text property.

  • //Add title to the Chart legend
    @Html.EJ().Pivot().PivotChart("PivotChart1").Url(Url.Content("/RelationalChartService.svc")).Size(size => size.Height("460px").Width("950px")).Legend(legend => legend.Visible(true).Title(title => title.Text("Countries")))

    Legend title in ASP NET MVC pivot chart control

    Legend Alignment

    You can align the legend to center, far and near based on its position in the Chart area using the Alignment option.

  • //Aligning the legend near to the Chart
    @Html.EJ().Pivot().PivotChart("PivotChart1").Url(Url.Content("/RelationalChartService.svc")).Size(size => size.Height("460px").Width("950px")).Legend(legend => legend.Visible(true).Alignment(TextAlignment.Near))

    Legend alignment in ASP NET MVC pivot chart control

    Legend Items - Size and Border

    By using the legend ItemStyle.width, ItemStyle.height and ItemStyle.border properties, you can change the legend items - size and border.

  • //Changing legend items border, height and width
    @Html.EJ().Pivot().PivotChart("PivotChart1").Url(Url.Content("/RelationalChartService.svc")).Size(size => size.Height("460px").Width("950px")).Legend(legend => legend.Visible(true).ItemStyle(ItemSize => ItemSize.Border(border => border.Color("magenta").Width(1.5)).Height(12).Width(12)))

    Size and border of legend in ASP NET MVC pivot chart control

    Legend Border

    By using the Border option in legend, you can customize border color and width.

  • //Setting border color and width to legend
    @Html.EJ().Pivot().PivotChart("PivotChart1").Url(Url.Content("/RelationalChartService.svc")).Size(size => size.Height("460px").Width("950px")).Legend(legend => legend.Visible(true).Border(border => border.Color("#FFC342").Width(2)))

    Legend border in ASP NET MVC pivot chart control

    Legend Text

    By using the Font option, you can customize the font family, font style, font weight and size of the legend text.

  • ///Customizing the legend text
    @Html.EJ().Pivot().PivotChart("PivotChart1").Url(Url.Content("/RelationalChartService.svc")).Size(size => size.Height("460px").Width("950px")).Legend(legend => legend.Visible(true).Font(font => font.FontFamily("Segoe UI").FontWeight(ChartFontWeight.Bold).FontStyle(ChartFontStyle.Italic).Size("13px")))

    Legend text in ASP NET MVC pivot chart control