Header in WPF Charts (SfChart)

14 Jul 20212 minutes to read

Header property is used to define the title for the chart. This allows you to add any object (.Net object) as content for chart title.

<syncfusion:SfChart  Header="Chart Area Header" />
SfChart chart = new SfChart();

chart.Header = "Usage of Metals";

WPF Chart with Header

Header can be positioned left or right side of the chart using HorizontalHeaderAlignment property.

Also you can add more customization for the header as below:


<Border BorderThickness="0.5" BorderBrush="Black" Margin="10" CornerRadius="5">

<TextBlock FontSize="14" Text="Chart Area Header" Margin="5">


<DropShadowEffect Color="Black" 

Opacity="0.5" />




SfChart chart = new SfChart();

Border border = new Border()

BorderThickness = new Thickness(0.5),

BorderBrush = new SolidColorBrush(Colors.Black),

Margin = new Thickness(10),

CornerRadius = new CornerRadius(5)


TextBlock textBlock = new TextBlock()

Text = "Chart Area Header",

Margin = new Thickness(5),

FontSize = 14


textBlock.Effect = new DropShadowEffect()

Color = Colors.Black,

Opacity = 0.5


border.Child = textBlock;

chart.Header = border;

Customizing Header of WPF Chart


Here, HorizontalHeaderAlignment is set as ‘Right’.


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