Check for Updates in Syncfusion Essential Windows Forms

28 Mar 20221 minute to read

Syncfusion provides the check for update extensions to find latest version of essential release was available, if it was available then provide option update most recent version of the Essential Studio release. So that, you always get the latest features, fixes, and improvements by installing the latest version.


The Syncfusion Check for updates is available from v17.1.0.32.

You can check updates availability in Visual Studio, and then install the update version if required.

  1. Choose Extensions->Syncfusion -> Check for Updates… in the Visual Studio menu

    Syncfusion check for updates menu


    In Visual Studio 2017 or lower, you can see the Syncfusion menu directly in the Visual Studio menu.

    Syncfusion check for updates menu

  2. When there is an update, Update dialog box opens.

    Syncfusion check for updates wizard

  3. You can download the latest Syncfusion Essential Studio from the Syncfusion website by selecting Download.