Touch Support in Windows Forms Scheduler (Schedule)

29 Apr 20211 minute to read

The ScheduleControl provides the swipe scrolling and zooming touch support like Outlook calendar. The touch support for schedule control can be enabled by setting the EnableTouchMode property to true. This will enable the grid to support the swiping, panning, and zooming. Default value of the EnableTouchMode property is false.

//Enable the touch mode
scheduleControl1.EnableTouchMode = true;
'Enable the touch mode
scheduleControl1.EnableTouchMode = True

Touch swiping

The ScheduleControl allows you to perform the vertical swipe scrolling in Day, WorkWeek, and custom views. The previous or next value can be viewed by horizontal swipe scrolling in left to right or right to left direction like MS Outlook.


Touch zooming

The ScheduleControl view can be changed when zooming like MS Outlook calendar.